Multifunction display
  Calls up menu bar and selects menu
  Press briefly to:
Select submenus or scroll through lists
In the Audio menu, select a stored station, audio track or video scene
In the Telephone menu, switch to the phone book and select a name or telephone number
Hold down to:
In the Audio menu, select the previous/next station, select an audio track or video scene with the quick scroll function
In the Telephone menu, start the telephone book quick scroll function
Confirms your selections and displays messages
In the Telephone menu, switches to the phone book and starts dialling
In the Audio menu, stops station search at a desired station
Rejects or ends a call
Exits the phone book/redial memory
Makes/accepts a call
Switches to redial memory
  Changes volume or
operates RACETIMER in AMG vehicles
Press briefly to:
Go back
Hide display messages or
Recall the last used function of the Trip menu
Hold down to:
Call up the standard display in the Trip menu

Multifunction steering wheel

Move the cursor over the pictures and access information by clicking with your mouse.