Interactive Owner's Manual
• Rejects a call
• Ends an active call
• Rejects a waiting call
Calls up the system menu
Calls up telephone basic menu
• Telephony via Bluetooth® interface
• Convenience telephony*
• Switches the sound on/off
• Switches the hands-free microphone on/off
• Cancels the text message* read-aloud function
• Switches off traffic and navigation announcements
• Switches to navigation mode
• Shows the menu
PCMCIA memory card eject button
• Sets a station using the
station search function
• Rewind
• Selects the previous track
PCMCIA memory card slot
• Switches COMAND on/off
• Adjusts the volume
• Sets a station using the
station search function
• Fast forward
• Selects the next track
• Confirms the PIN
(convenience telephony*)
• Accepts a call
• Connects a call
• Redial
• Accepts a waiting call
Number keypad
• Sets a station using the presets
• Stores a station manually
• Enters the PIN (convenience telephony*)
• Enters the phone number
• Sends DTMF tones
Delete button
• Deletes characters
• Delete an entire entry
Load/eject button
Disc slot
• Loads CDs/DVDs
• Ejects CDs/DVDs
• Updates the map software
• Switches to audio CD,
audio DVD or MP3 mode
• Switches to video DVD mode
• Switches to radio mode
• Switches waveband


Move the cursor over the pictures and access information by clicking with your mouse.