To switch to radio mode
To switch wavebands
To switch to DAB radio mode
Press several times:
• To switch to CD audio, DVD audio and MP3 mode or DVD video mode
• To switch to memory card mode
• To switch to MUSIC REGISTER
• To switch to USB memory mode
• To switch to Media Interface or audio AUX mode
• To switch to Bluetooth® audio mode
Load/eject button
Single DVD drive
DVD changer
To call up the telephone basic menu:
• Telephony via Bluetooth® interface
• Convenience telephony
To call up the system menu
To switch COMAND on/off
To adjust the volume
Number keypad
• To select a station using the station presets
• To store a station manually
• Mobile phone authorisation
• PIN entry (convenience telephony)
• Telephone number entry
• To send DTMF tones
• Character entry
• To select a location for the weather forecast from the memory
To display the current track being played
To set a station by entering the frequency manually
To select a track
Disc slot
To insert CDs/DVDs
To remove CDs/DVDs
To update the digital map data
To reject a call
To end an active call
To reject a waiting call
To confirm PIN (convenience telephony)
To accept a call
To make a call
To accept a waiting call
SD card slot
Delete button
To delete characters
To delete an entry
To switch the sound on/off
To switch the hands-free microphone on/off
To cancel the text message read-aloud function
To switch off the traffic and navigation announcements


Move the cursor over the pictures and access information by clicking with your mouse.