Multi-function display
  Calls up the menu bar and select menus
  Press briefly:
selects a menu or scrolls through lists. In the Audio menu: selects a stored station, an audio track or a video scene*. In the Tel menu: switches to the phone book and selects a name or a phone number.
Press and hold:
in the “Audio” menu: selects the previous/next station or selects an audio track or video scene* using the rapid scrolling feature. In the Tel menu: starts rapid scrolling through the telephone book.
Confirms selections and hides display messages. In the Tel menu: switches to the telephone book and starts dialling.
  Accepts or rejects/ends a call
  Increases/reduces the volume
Mutes the sound
Press briefly:
back, deactivates voice control* and fades out display messages.
Press and hold:
selects the standard display
Activates voice control*

Multi-function steering wheel

Move the cursor over the pictures and access information by clicking with your mouse.